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London Mathematical Society Program on

at the University of NAMIBIA

Academic Year 2021-2022

Academic Year 2020-2021

(grant holder: Letterio Gatto -- UNAm Marm referent: Martin Mugochi)

Under the Auspices of

The London Mathematical Society
The African Mathematics Millennium Science Initiative
the International Mathematical Union

Our 2020-2022 Activities

(download here the last release of the LMS-MARM booklet)

In Evidence



August 15th, 2022.

The NAISSMA 2022 poster is now available

September 1st, 2022, Foilow NAISSMA2022 updates on twitter

October 4th-5th, 2022, Black Heroes in Mathematics. The Namibian LMS-MARM team at UNAM will massively follow:

.pdf here
"The Vision of the conference is 'To celebrate the inspirational contributions of black role models to the field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education'. There will be a balance of technical talks by internationally renowned black speakers that include some detail of career paths and experience to provide a testimonial dimension. We plan to achieve a balance of career stage and gender" .pdf here
The Namibian LMS-MARM team wishes the best success to #BlackHeroesMaths! For more information see also here!

In evidence!

Pay attention to the

Cheveening Scholarship Programme

It was presented at UNAM!!!
lwimba mufune
click here for the .pdf version


Our ongoing activities
(after the expiration of the project)

Our Book on Linear ODE (in progress, almost done)

Project HiDEA (ongoing, involving  the Ph.D. project of Sigfried Amukugo)

Our (past) Activities in the period 2020-2022

NAISSMA2022 - (The First) Namibian International Spring School in Mathematics, October 23--29, 2022

Supporting the Second Edition of Namibian Mathematics Olympiad, Closing Ceremony, September 29th, 2022

Our 2021 (1st) MARM-NARM Meeting, in support of NARM (Networking African Researchers in Mathematics), October 15th-16th, 2021

Support to the First Edition of the Namibian Mathematics Olympiad organized by NCRST  (also supported by Petrofund, Namport and the Italian Embassy in Pretoria)

Launch of the MARM-NARM team. See here our MARM-NARM team,  May 2021

Affiliation of Luca San Mauro, University of Rome (formerly at University of Padua and Voienna) , to the LMS-MARM project, who gave the course on "Algorithmic Learning Theory"

HiDEA classes, held by Letterio Gatto,  LMS-MARM grant holder for Namibia, in remote modality

Panel Discussion "Can Mathematics Help us to tackle pandemics,climate change, economic inequality and other pressing issues?", December 8, 2020